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SEO company strategies for a successful web site

This page is a continuation for the previous pages that I have written to help those how are wanting to use SEO to enhance their presence online.

An SEO Company have many strategies in their arsenal of strength. Some of them take some time to perfect and learn but here are a few tips for you to try that you can use to enhance your own online presence.

What is Link Juice

The easiest way for me to try explain this is by an example. Let’s say you have created a new site. Now naturally no-one will know about this site from day one because there is so many other things that have to happen before it gets to that stage, like being assessed by spiders, getting page rank, linking to other sites, getting Google approval, etc. But an easy way for it to get noticed is by linking it to one of your other sites that gets a lot of traffic already. In this way when it gets added to your site map then the spiders see the link to this site and it gets indexed faster. This works especially well if the page that you linking form is a high content and high traffic page. In this way the new site kind of leaches of the main site. But don’t think that this makes the main page loose and ranking. To the contrary it boosts it even more. Both sites get Link juice because of the fact that Google sees more content being added to the main page and everybody know how much Google loves content. This is a trick that big SEO Organisation think that only know but is one of the biggest strategies in their arsenal.

What is deep linking?

Deep linking is also a big strategy used by Digital marketing companies. Deep linking refers to creating a URL that directs you straight to a picture or page on your web site. It does not take you to the main page necessarily. They use this technique because it is a great way to gain presence on the net.

Manipulating you SEO strategy in getting the spiders to find your website.

Manipulating your SEO to have the spiders find you is sometimes not that easy. The easiest way for you to do this is to create a site map on your page. This is a great means for the spiders to see the number of incoming or outgoing links to your page and having them crawl them. Basically it is like a huge web that they can see and traverse  and criss-cross between the corresponding sites. It shoes them for example that this link goes here, then this link goes there and then it circles them around to this ink and so on and so on. Basically just showing them where to go. Remember that the spiders like fresh content all the time and to keep feeding them accordingly.

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