Thursday, 14 February 2013

Some SEO marekting tips that you may have forgotten

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On our previous pages we gave you some quick and useful tips that hopefully you found insightful and effective. We have had a lot of really good feedback and decided to give you some tips that are sometimes forgotten or have been over looked.

The Shared Server Question

Always remember that if you are on a shared server that you always every now and then go back and check that you are not on a proxy with a banned or spammed site. If you are then if they have a negative or unsavory reputation this could be linked to you and thus reflect badly on you.

Remember that your actual site it be very user friendly and easy to use. If it is to complex and hard to understand what’s going on then they will not link to your other sites and therefore lose traffic. If you influence your link building negatively you can loss traffic and ranking.

When using services that block domain ownership information when registering with a domain, be aware of the fact that Google might see you as a potential spammer and this can have huge negative effects on your web site.
When updating blogs on your posts on them, it is a good idea to enhance your posts title tag individually from the blog title itself.

All search engines like content that is fresh, up to date, and unique. It is very easy to rip out dozens of different content with poor quality but this can actually obstruct you form the actual goal. Sometimes less content with unique qualities can be much more successful than a bunch of irrelevant content. SO keep things fresh and one of a kind but barring in mind the more quality the better.

When creating a website with a massive splash page or one big image, then place your navigational links just below the fold.
When you are using paid links always remember that you get nothing from then except a few extra clicks unless the links are actually embedded within your body of the text itself rather than in the “in your face” sponsored links. Do remember that we do not endorse paid links.

There are occasions that some of the most valuable links are not even in the web sites themselves but rather  in the form of emails communications or zines that you might have.
One very easy and very effective way to get a lot of weight with search engines is to use .edu domains. Create a web site with a .edu domain that is for non-profit and that sponsors are looking for and "abra cadabra" you have another high quality site that you can link back to and so on and so forth.

For more useful information in helping your SEO companies then please stay tuned.