Tuesday, 12 February 2013

10 Quick and fast emarketing tips

More tips on online and emarketing!!

  1. When using Java Script or any similar program which uses image maps, drop down menus or image links then it is imperative that you put text links somewhere in the page. This makes it easier for the spiders to follow you and this leads to increase in traffic and this leads to an increase in productivity and thus the essence to SEO.
  2. The more content when doing SEO you have the better. Be sure that your content is well written, relevant to the subject at hand and one of a kind. Make sure that your content contains the relevant keywords and/or key phrases.
  3. When doing e-marketing, keywords go hand in hand with your links. Building a high quality of back links with your keywords or key phrases insures higher probability of spiders following you. Make sure that your links are relevant to your content. Visitors will not click on your links if it has nothing to do with the subject at hand.
  4. Don’t lose yourself in PageRank. Page rank is only a small part in in the overall scheme of things. Yes it is important for you to be higher up on the PR but even a site with a lower PR can outrank one with a high PR.
  5. When title tagging be sure that your tags are unique and keyword focused. It is not always a good idea to put the name of your company into the title tagging unless you are a major company or a well-known brand. It does not often happen that someone will know your sites specific name unless you are very well known.
  6. Always keep adding fresh new content all the time. Don’t think that just because you are number two on the Page Ranking now that you will still be there tomorrow. The more unique and up to date content the better.
  7. Be sure to optimize your usage of your links and the keywords or key phrases that you use within them the better.
  8. Think about your search terms very carefully. Something that people forget very often is to think of adding their location to the search terms. For example: Cape Town Seo and not just SEO. So you single out a specific location and improve you location search for you website.
  9. Programs like Flash and Ajax all share one common problem. You are unable to link to a single page. So therefore trying limiting your usage with these programs.
  10. Then the quickest way for you to get a spider to detect your website is to link it to another high quality site of the same type of content.You also may want to try a ping program.
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