Friday, 22 February 2013

Great tips for any new start up SEO company

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    This write up is for new e-marketing firms that would like to know how best to run their business and what methods they need to use when it comes to link building.
    1. Use local listing to their maximum capabilities. Using local listings is very beneficial to you because when the search engines run through your site and sees that you have taken hold of the local listing in your area; you gain great weight with search engines like Google. Make sure that the off-site listings are owned by you. Owning these listings is also believed to be a local algorithm to the ranking factor. It is also a good idea to establish verification with other web profiles, for example yelp, when you get further along.
    2. When creating links, try to make absolute links. You gain many benefits from doing this. This makes your actual site navigation less predisposed to problems but also if someone scrapes your content you will get back-links. Many people forget to do this and some times if your content is good enough this can happen very often.
    3. When registering with a hosting company, see if the offer you something that is called “sticky” links. This means that when a domain name changes you will get temporary domain forwarding and thus to loosing your subscribers or any traffic for a while. This does not last very long so be sure to make the appropriate changes and stay on top of this because I have had it many a time the domain company changes their sdomain and I have lost a lot of traffic in the past. So now I only go for Domain Company’s that offer sticky links.
    4. May people thinks that social media is not part of SEO. They is very wrong. Social media has become such a big part of people’s lives that it is almost impossible to find someone that is not on let’s say Facebook or twitter to name a few. Learn how social medias networks works because the better that you understand them then the easier it is for you to link up with them and actually get traffic from them.
    5. Videos are becoming more and more important to your online marketing campiagn. When you show for a video on lets say its on Google, they don’t just come from Youtube. Although Youtube is the most common one, only because to beat the SEO engineers at Youtube will be almost impossible, it would be a good idea to register with other video media web sites like AOL, Yahoo or Bing.
    6. The easiest way for if you are wanting one of your videos to be seen by the “crawlers” is to create a video site map for it to find. This is just one of the many things that your Google Webmasters account is good for.
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