Thursday, 24 January 2013

Linking Building for 2014 - After Penguin and Panda

Online marketing tip to get links
So after the Panda and Penguin updates you realized you may need to restructure your linking building strategies. In a previous chapter we discussed all the seo link building strategies that are no longer working. But now the question is “What should you be doing?” SEO link-building has evolved to the stage that you can go with mass linking in short surges but ultimately get your site penalized. The SEO idea now is earn your links. To create something from where you can get an incoming link.  

Option 1 : Create Content

One of the main ways of getting links these days is to create content. You can now earn link by creating high-quality content. Everyday millions of people visit the internet to find info and solutions to their questions. People use search engines to find this information. If you as the webmaster create a detailed content page or blog post in a specific topic then this content may be helpful for people looking for something. The more this content page or blog post is ready and shared the more it will be read and the more incoming links will be created to this page on the internet. Google can see these incoming links or likes and normally gives this page a higher ranking for that keyword. Many believe that this method is the holy grail of link building. Good Content attracts its own links.

Option 2: Getting Social Links

The next generation of links are making your content more visible by using social profiles. Social websites links from site like Twitter, Facebook, Google +1 and Youtube has become very extremely important to search engines. This way of link building will only become more and more important
Get yourself and your website into the social sphere. Publish your content with links back to your website, Add your website to your social sites and bookmarks. All these links back to your sites works great for link building.

Option 3 Guest Blogging

One of the most effective seo link building techniques you will ever find. Write a content piece and forward it to a blog within your trade. This blog of website will then paste this article on their directory and place a link back to your website with your keyword phrase. You just need to make sure your article is accepted and the link back to your website is DO Follow.
Not all blog writer agree with this method as they mention that if this piece of information is so great why would you not rather place it on the money site and get the incoming links yourself. We believe that if your site is new and not getting a massive amount of visitors then you better get guest blogging.


We have to conclude by saying that you should not put all your eggs in one basket. There is many other viable linking building out there; you just need to find them. Other link building strategies like web 2.0, press statements and video submission are still viable if they are done properly.