Monday, 28 January 2013

How to get backlinks for search engine optimisation

how to get backlinks
Get hundreds of links to your website can be quite difficult and may take forever. Most people or digital marketing professionals that we know either cannot wait for so long. But luckily there is a couple of ways of getting backlinks. Most search engine optimization guys have note that blog commenting works in a certain degree,  guest posting article, submissions and social bookmarking.

But if you provide a Seo services like then you most probably know that sometimes these methods may not work or could be seen as spamming the search engines. And if you are a website owner just doing some low level marketing then you most probably know that you will spend too much time away from your website. 

So how can you get links on Autopilot?

Well we have research the internet and believe that there is a couple of ways of getting links on autopilot.

Using Yahoo Answers

As most Seo guys know yahoo provides options to answers questions. You can answer the question and provide a link. These links of course is seen as no-follow. But these links can be pickup by a software program called WP Robot that place the question and answer on word-press website. These links then become DO-Follow and you have a genuine link back to your website.

Create a list

When answering a question you make a list in your answer. For instance if you answering a question about where to place your link. List is easy to understand for readers, also other website like to link to lists because it’s easy to understand.

Add info to Wikipedia

Well known Wikipedia is probably the biggest online encyclopaedia and almost 3 million articles in English. Find a specific with little to content. Once you have found the page you need to edit the page and write something on it. Make sure that your outgoing page on the link is almost the same as the one on your website.

Site link for Content

Get links for written content. It basically works on the basis of placing a site link on website in exchange for some articles. Every article usually equals a site link depending on the site page rank.  It’s mutual beneficial for both parties. The site owner gets free articles on his website or directory and the writer gets a link back to his website.

Give a gift for a link or two.

Set up a gift and ask that if you want to enter this competition then you need to send at least 5 visitors to your website by linking from his website. Normally these links would cost about between R200 to R500 but with this method you can get this links for the price of the product you are selling.

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