Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Using SEO services to optimize your business

improve your page rank
This is a page that I have written to try and help you understand the importance of e-marketing services.

Search Engine Optimization services has become one of the fastest growing fields when it comes to the online internet industry. More and more people are realizing the importance for a SEO services firm so that they can enhance their presence online. And this is basically what SEO services is.

Here are a few tips that big SEO services Companies use to enhance their presence and their clients brand.

Blogging is very important when it comes rankings

It is a very good and effective way to start a blog about a subject and get in touch with fellow bloggers on the same subject. Blogs are updated on a daily basis and this is a good thing.

This is a good thing because search engines, especially Google, like fresh content. With the blogs being updated daily, you are keeping Google happy by feeding it all the time. If the blog is very actives Google sees this and thinks that there are a lot of people talking about this subject and your get a great deal of weight with Google.

Remember that fresh, up to date, and clear and well written content is good in the eyes of Google. Try to remember that reading other peoples blogs and always comment in a good way and try to get a link to that page and build a good relationship with them. There is a saying that many hands make light work. I always think of this saying because if you have a link to someone’s site and they link to you and then another person links to you and them and so on and so on, the more exposure you get. The more exposure you get the better because it is easier for the spiders to find you and for them to index you. The faster that you get indexed the faster you will get higher up in the page rankings.

In SEO services keywords is queen if content is king.

Keywords is queen if content is king because behind every good man there is a woman running the show. This means that in all your content there needs to be the appropriate keywords in there. Your keywords use again need to relate to the topic at hand and needs to be short and sweet. If you are writing an article let’s say, then there need to be keywords in there that are appropriate to the topic. In the articles at hand, the rule of thumb is that for every 100 words that you write the corresponding keyword needs to be in there at least 3 times. SO this means 3%. Anymore than 3% keyword density and you run the risk of losing rankings because Google may think you are spamming them.

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