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More relevant SEO link backs for you website

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One of the major factors that any SEO consultant takes into account when optimizing your web site is to check the amount of incoming links that you have coming into your site. These links need to be high quality links. You can have hundreds of links coming to your site but that can all be outdone by just hand full of quality links. What the search engines do is they count these incoming quality links and try to determine how authoritative your web site is. They then count these links and compare them to the amount of quality incoming links that other sites have in your target market. This is how SEO consultants help your web site climb up on the rankings.

Now when I say quality links, these links need to be on topic, well written, relevant and the information on them need to be correct. These links need to be relevant because of the fact that the target market that you are wanting to reach needs to keep reading about the same thing. For example, it’s pointless to have a web site talking about cars and then at the bottom to have a quality incoming link about online dating. Does this make any sense?

High ranking link backs

When you are trying to link to another site, it is usually best to try and link to those sites that already have a high ranking on the search engine results. This is not always so easy though. But if you get it right there is a good reason for this. Not only will your rankings move up faster because those links will be quality links but also because when you link to those higher rankings sites, some of their “quality” rubs off on you. SO you basically get better rankings just because they are linked to your site.

Anchor text links

As I said before every little bit that you do does help, every link that you have helps to. You can never go down on the rankings for having too many incoming links. Having said this, it is very helpful to you if the site that is being linked to you has keywords in their anchor text that relate to your topic or products that you have on your site. This help these user to identify much more easily where that link will be going and makes their traveling much easier.

If I must give you an example, let’s say you are talking about cars. When asking your link exchange partners to link to your site do not just use your domain name or the default click here settings, but rather have them say something like, “New Ford Mustang Deals.” Makes sense. This is something that a SEO consultant does very well. When you do this the search engines will reward y with double point, because of the fact not only because of the link that you have created but also because you are using keywords that a relative to t topic and hand. The search engines love this. For more information on linking building please visit our site or contact us on the following link

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