Thursday, 14 March 2013

Do SEO firms actually know what they are talking about

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The real question is when you are dealing with and search engine optimization firm or an SEO firm , do they actually know what they are talking about or are they just fooling you.

How do you know what they are doing for you is actually working or are they just wasting your time and money. This page is created to try to help you understand the methods in which they use to upgrade your web site and to see if there ideas are actually working.

Something that you need to understand first is that setting the standard to quality of a good SEO firm is very hard to determine. This might be because of the fact that this said quality is changing from day to day. Even though there are some many different search engine marketing companies out there, they are constantly battling with the degrading reputation that they get from being called ineffective, tactless and sometimes even unethical.

Any good web marketing firm at any time or another has to ask themselves the questions that are surrounding the SEO industry. These questions are namely,
  • Where is the negative noise coming from?
  • Are we missing some of the widely accepted facts surrounding SEO?
  • And then the most importantly, is the current state of the SEO world as awful as it actually seems to be.
There is a way for you to figure out if this was in fact true.

There was in fact a study done to determine if the SEO firms was in fact in the “sad state” that many assumed it to be. What this survey wanted to accomplish is to determine the quality of SEO’s in 2014. There was a webmaster world member that created a similar study with different SEO corporation, which is the reason why this study was being conducted. But the difference in this study was that it reached out to real third party SO firms and contracted them to try and advise the study members to try and improve their page rankings by collect data. This study was known as the PEPS project

TO be able to collect the most natural or neutral data available, the study members knew that they would not be able to use their own name, in fear of getting a bad reputation. So what they decided to do was to partner up with a charitable organization and long term friend. SO the study teamed up with the Program for Parent Support, known also as PEPS to help them out. PEPS was a great organization that the study members were wanting to help get some SEO responses for a long time. What the study member did was for in exchange for being able to go “undercover” as a PEPS employee, these study members would pay for and expanses for a complete site audit for PEPS. The best SEO firm that was selected to do the audit would be the best SEO firm selected from the study. In this way everybody would gain something.