Friday, 24 April 2015

Advanced Keyword Research for SEO

So, how has the keyword research been coming on?  I hope you’ve been looking through Google’s keyword tool and finding keywords that you hadn’t thought of for your business.  One thing I didn’t mention in my previous post on keyword research  was the ability to put in a website address (URL) instead of a keyword.  Why would you use this?  I would usually use this to see what the competition are up to, and what keyword they have optimized their site for.

Simply type in their website address into the ‘Website’ box on the Google Keyword Tool and Google will then search the content of their website and find keywords/phrases that have search traffic.  It can be very enlightening to see what keywords the competition have optimised for!  Here’s an example of one of the biggest SEO and internet marketing companies in the South Africa, "Firelight", and what keywords come out of their website:

So, if I wanted to compete against Firelight (not that I would – David vs Goliath springs to mind!), then I would go through the list provided, see which keywords were suitable for me and then off I’d go with my own optimization process.  Easy … !

Incidentally, the guys (and girls) at Firelight organised the Pro SEO event in Cape Town back in November along with SEOMoz and it was an excellent event – don’t miss it if you get a chance to attend in London or one of their other cities.

Finally, if you’re using the Google Keyword Tool for any kind of in-depth research then do make use of the ‘Download’ option within the interface that allows you to download your keyword results into CSV format and, usually, on into Excel.  When doing serious keyword research I’ll rattle through a whole list of potential keywords, downloading every set of results, labeling the tab on the Excel spreadsheet with the seed keyword I used and then take time to go through the spreadsheet later to find potential keywords.

I hope this has been useful – until next time!

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